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Agency: BBDO | Client: Manufactum | Position: Senior Art Director

Gemacht um erlebt zu werden

You can tell a lot about how valuable a product is. About the materials used, about the craftsmanship behind it. But the true quality will only be recognized when you feel it. When you weigh it in your hand. Touch the surface and hear of it reacts. Valuability always appeals to all the senses - and is therefore hard to find in online purchases.

Reason enough to present the Manufactum products in an unprecedented way. A way that appeals to all the senses. Both in videos, banners or in the store itself. 

Because they are made to be experienced.

Agency: BBDO | Client: Generali | Position: Senior Art Director

Generali Vitality

Generali Vitality is more than an insurance company. It is a program that will reward you for every step in a healthier life. It consists of three simple steps, which are explained and lived with the help of appealing illustrations and helpful tips, both on the hub of Vitality and on the social channels.

Agency: BBDO | Client: Caritas International | Position: Senior Art Director

Keys of hope

Cannes Lions - Bronze - PR | European Excellence Awards - Jury's Excellence Award for the Best Campaign 2016 | European Excellence Awards - NGOs & Associations - Winner | European Excellence Awards - Germany, Switzerland, Austria - Winner

More than 12 million Syrians have fled their country since the outbreak of the war there some five years ago. The plight of these people is now the focal point of an emotional campaign entitled ‘Keys of Hope’, developed by BBDO Düsseldorf. Commissioned by the Caritas International charity, it draws attention to the fate of individual refugees. The principal visuals in the charity campaign are house keys, shown in the open hands of refugees.

The central platform of the campaign is the site www.keys-of-hope.org, which contains relevant information and enables the user to make a donation to Caritas for its disaster and emergency aid programs in Syria and neighboring countries. Working alongside locally based partner organizations on the coastal strip and in other towns and cities within Syria, Caritas International provides support and assistance for the victims of violence as well as urgently needed aid.

Agency: Ogilvy | Client: Fressnapf | Position: Senior Art Director

Fressnapf Smartbowl

The One Show - Integrated Digital & Physical Products, Bronze | The One Show - Cross-Platform Innovation - Brand Transformation, Bronze | ADC - Design Extra-Ordinary, Bronze | New York Festivals - Use of New Technology, Third Prize Award | Cannes Lions - Innovation Lions, Shortlist | Eurobest - Promo & Activation, Shortlist

Fressnapf, Europe’s larest pet food store chain saw its market shares shrink by competitors but especially by the online trade. More and more customers bought the big food bags from directly from home.

In order to make the process for the customer even more easier, the Smartbowl has been developed. The Smartbowl Supports the dog owner with a recommended amount of food when he fills the bowl. An Integrated digital scale also helps to analyse the eatin habits of the dog.

The Smartcollar tracks the daily movements of the dog. Than the tracked data gets analyzed and the recommended amount of food is shown on the bowl.

Through the app the owner of the dog can inform himself about the eating habits and the activeness level of his pet.

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Agency: Ogilvy | Client: Allianz | Position: Senior Art Director

A strong team on the field needs a strong team off the field. Like in real life too. With individualizable videos, users had the opportunity to say thank you for the support. With different players from FC Barcelona and a personal message, users could generate a video, which then could be shared with a certain person.

Agency: Interone | Client: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung | Position: Art Director

WhatsApp nach dem Abi?

Annual Multimedia Award - Crossmediale Kampagne, Silber | PlakaDiva Award - Innovative Nutzung Out of Home, Gold 

The cross-country university marketing campaign "Mein Campus von Studieren in Fernost" for 43 East German universities has the task to inspire West German students interested in studying at an East German university.

But study counseling can be quite complicated, time-consuming and sometimes boring. With Germany's first WhatsApp consultancy, the pupil always have the answers to your questions in their pockets.

A target group that is overwhelmed with informations, it is best to pick up where they are communicating anyway - fast, direct, chatting on the smartphone.

Under the motto WhatsApp after the Abi? In May 2014, study advisors and campus specialists were available for one-week on a personal WhatsApp chat. Later in September, the same service was used again.

Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi | Client: Toyota | Position: Art Director

Der neue Toyota Yaris

With the new Toyota Yaris, thanks to the numerous technical refinements, you are perfectly prepared for everyday life. Find a parking deck, parallel parking… no sweat!

We wanted to stage and demonstrate this sovereignty of problem solving to our target group. An example: The hungry girlfriend: The new Yaris with its built-in navigation-system and local search finds the nearest restaurant immediately.

The car was not only promoted with a classical and online Ads, but with a social media campaign in cooperation with the German Hip-Hop band Blumentopf – always closely to our young target group.

Together with the band we created four scenarios, in which the band members face daily problems. One locked out himself, another needed an alibi for his girlfriend, why he is too late. Users were invited to post things in our Facebook app, which could solve the problem. Afterwards the users could vote for the best suggestions and the band Blumentopf created a song with the most voted things within 48 hours. So four users could win their personal Blumentopf rap songs. At the same time the new Facebook channel of Toyota Germany was started. And… it was a very successful start.

Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi | Client: Toyota | Position: Art Director

Toyota Auris – Großes Kino

ADC - Dialogmarketing/Dialog Broadcast, Bronze

The new Toyota Auris is outstanding in design and quality – or how you would say in German: great cinema! (Großes Kino) 

This fact we demonstrated with the help from two of the best known actors in Germany – Axel Prahl and Jan Josef Liefers. Our testimonials re-enacted classic movies in six TV commercials and short online videos, always related to the Toyota Auris. On a microsite the users had to guess which movie was meant. As a reward for six correct answers they could win cinema coupons or a brand-new Auris. Every film was associated to a particular feature of the new Auris, so the users could deal up with the benefits of the car after watching the funny movies.


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